Why Andis Dog Clippers Are The Best? (Infographic)

When we talk about dog grooming products and supplies, grooming clippers are one of the basic and necessary tools. Dog grooming clippers can be hair clippers or the nail clippers. Hair Clippers help to keep the fur or hairs uniform. Likewise, nail clippers are used for the pedicure.

Andis is one of the great manufacturers of dog clippers. They manufactured some finest high-performance dog clippers for all purpose uses. They have both high-performance dog clippers for professionals and cost effective solution for home grooming.

The main feature of Andis dog clipper is its high-performance quiet motor. It's too powerful to cut the thickest coat smoothly.

The second most important feature is the sharpest blades. They used Ultraedge and Ceramicedge technology for blades. Which not only makes the blade sharp but also it keeps the blade sharper for a long time.

Besides, Andis dog clippers have the cooling technology, detachable blade system, long cord for the ultimate comfort of dogs.

Dog owners love Andis dog clippers for these reasons:

    • Powerful high RPM silent motor (3400 RPM - 4200 RPM)
    • UltraEdge and CeramicEdge sharp blades
    • Detachable blade mechanism, so easy to clean
    • Built in air vents and cooling mechanism
    • Highly durable and continuous grooming
    • Additional combs for different styling

So if you are confused about the brand then you can buy any Andis dog clipper confidently. It'll never let you feel you did a mistake buying the Andis dog clipper. And probably this will be your last stop for a dog clipper.

Why Andis Dog Clippers Are The Best?

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