How To Choose The Best Trolling Motor Battery (Infographic)

There are a lot of trolling motor battery in the present market. But choosing perfect one is not an easy job. If you buying the best trolling motor battery then you must consider some important factors. Like AMP hour, reserve capacity, price, brand, vibration resistance etc.

Standard price:

Actually, the price is a no-brainer. But buying as a good quality trolling motor battery you can should at least $100 to $300.

Product brand:

There are a lot of different brands selling marine batteries in the present market, and all of them are seem pretty similar. But we always recommend Minnkota, VMAs Tanks, and Optima.

Durability and lifespan:

When choosing a battery for your trolling motor, you should want to make sure it lasting at least two years. There are many batteries which only six months durable. It’s not perfect for you.

Vibration resistance:

Vibration resistance is also the important matter that always considers choosing perfect trolling motor battery. Because your boat batteries can be badly damaged or even ruined by intense vibrations. So please consider it.

Reserve Capacity/ AMP hours:

Reserve capacity is another important factor in choosing your perfect one. And it is pretty better that when a battery is 200 minutes reserve capacity.

A battery always plays important role (its call powerhouse of the electric trolling motor) are every fishing or marine boats. So consider these matter we select top five best trolling motor battery. And why these are the best battery, it describes an infographic is below. We hope if you follow this infographic then easily pick your best one.


Source: Trolling Power Solution

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