How to choose the best nonstick cookware (Infographic)

Every day many people have heart risk because of fat & oily food. As the health issue is becoming more important day by day, so everyone is trying to use less oil for healthy living.

A non-stick surface requires less oil, which is really used largely to prevent food from sticking to pan's surface as also to flavor. Of course, fat is needed for our bodies but only up to a point as too much of it can affect so much our body negatively. Non-stick pots and pans are therefore useful for little oil cooking. The best part of nonstick pots is that they clean-up fast and easy. Nonstick pans are wonderful for everyday use. If you take good care of the nonstick pan, it will provide years of excellent service.

How to choose the best nonstick cookware set?

1. Your cooking style:

You should consider your cooking style before choosing a cookware set. Some cookware set may not be suitable for all kinds of the cooktop. If you usually cook on oven then first check the cookware set is safe for oven or not?

2. Cookware size:

Cookware size is also an important factor to be considered. Check the cookware size fulfills your requirement or not? You should also check the cookware handles.

3. Warranty:

If you wanna stay secure with a product, then you should consider about the warranty. Obviously, you can expect a good warranty with the product.

4. Chemical Free:

This is one of the most considering issues you should think about. Are the pots POFA free? Will they release toxic while cooking? If they, you should avoid it. Select a pot set which is POFA free.

how to choose the best nonstick cookware (Infographic)
Source: The Cook Wares

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