How A Pet Dog doing household chores (Infographic)

Do you wish your pet to become your loving companion at home? It’s really surprising if you have a well-trained dog. Amazingly every dog has its surprising training absorbing and working abilities. This is not my word; lots of researchers have proven it.

Your dog loves to wake you up instead of an alarm clock. If you go for morning jogging or shopping you may find your dog as your extra super-active hand.

As a dog training expert, I am gladly sharing you some activities below which a dog can perform in your house.

    • A dog usually watches your activities like how you open your door or cupboard. It also observes which items are usually kept in which places.
    • If you keep your house clean, your dog will also learn it and perform within no time. You may not find a single piece of waste paper on your floor. You know better- why!
    • When you stay at the kitchen, your dog won’t bother you. Instead, it will pick up boxes and jars for you.
    • You may read newspapers sitting on a sofa and you want a drink. When you ask your dog to bring it for you, it will suddenly do for you. It will open up fridge door, find your drink, and pick it up with a soft bite. It doesn’t forget to close the fridge’s door before giving you the drink.
    • It can sort your laundry and pick them inside your washing machine.
    • Your dog is so helpful that, you don’t even need to bend your body to pick up any small object. It will fetch up your wallet, pen, key ring, newspaper, documents etc.
    • Your dog may love the beauty of your lawn. If it shortly leaves your house, it won’t leave your door unnecessarily opened. It will close the door when needed.
    • It will also learn to close and open doors of your cupboard, drawer, washing machine and so on.
    • It will try to follow your daily routine especially when you sleep and get up. It won’t bother you out of your routine unless anything wrong occurs.

If you want to see examples of amazing abilities of pet dogs, you may find plenty on the internet. Here I have provided a nice example of Info-graphic as well:

Pet Dog doing household chores

Source: PresidentPet

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